Scope of Service New oil and filter Check and top off all fluids Right tire pressure Check all belts and hoses Fill Washer fluid Check air filter Clean battery terminals Check wipers
Serving- Mountain Home -Yellville-Cotter-Flippin- Gassville-Bellefonte
Pricing Premier oil change -$39.95* Or $36.95* with 3 or more vehicles Synthetic oil change -$59.95* Diesel oil change -$69.95** *up to 5 quarts ** up to 12 quarts New service includes New oil and filter Lubricate chassis Check all fluids -belts -hoses Check and Adjust tire pressure Check air filter Check windshield wipers and fill washer fluid Other services we offer...
Premier Oil Change. - $39.95* or $36.95* with 3 or more vehicles. Synthetic Oil Change - $59.95* Diesel Oil Change - $69.95 ** * Up to 5 Quarts ** Up to 12 Quarts Service Includes.... New Oil Filter Lubricates Chasis Check All Fluids Check And Ajust Air Pressure Check Air Filter Check Belts And Hoses Check Windshield Wipers Fill Washer Fluid ...
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